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  • Ocean Palms 597 Ocean Palms, 597 Ocean Palms,
    • Furnished condo on 15th level with fabulous views on the Golden Zone.

      $419,000 USD

  • Marina El Cid 596 Marina El Cid, 596 Marina El Cid,
    • Spectacular two story residence with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, large garden, and marina view.

      $895,000 USD

  • Tellería 595 Tellería, 595 Tellería,
    • Two story house a block from the boardwalk.

      $155,000 USD

Walfre is the best known and well respected real estate service in Mazatlán.

With more than 40 years of local and regional experience, we have been an active part in Mazatlan's development, including the new marina and the establishing of many important international franchises, like Mc Donald's or Blockbusters.

Our professional services include: sales and leasing, legal and fiscal consulting, property management and rental referrals, translations and interpreter assistance.

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Walfre Real Estate is introducing Home Staging as a new service this fall season.

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