Robby and Samantha Vient.

Robby and Samantha Vient.

Grupo Walfre nos ayudo a comprar y vender 2 propiedades en Mazatlán. Su equipo siempre fue profesional, amable y ético. Claramente conocen todos los aspectos legales de la compra en México y ayudan a guiar a sus clientes fácilmente por el proceso. Altamente recomendamos a Grupo Walfre a cualquiera que busque comprar o vender en Mazatlán.

Walfre Real Estate has helped us purchase and sell two properties in Mazatlan and their team was always professional, helpful and ethical. They clearly understand all legal aspects of purchasing in Mexico and help guide their clients effortlessly through the process. I highly recommend Walfre to anyone looking to purchase or sell in Mazatlan.

Robby and Samantha Vient.


Jean and Lynn.

After many years of vacationing in Florida in the winter, we decided to try Mazatlan on a friend's recommendation. We instantly fell in love with this city and promptly forgot all about Florida: the weather is so dependably warm here and it rarely rains in the winter; the people are friendlier, and the atmosphere is more relaxed.

We rented different units in Tenerife over four years, when it occurred to us that one year we might not be able to find a rental and would have to go elsewhere. Loving this place so much, we didn't want to take a chance on that happening, so we decided to buy. Before buying here, however, we did our due diligence and visited many condos for sale in the city, with the professional and capable assistance of Walfre's Carol Sinclair. But we came back to Tenerife because of a number of factors: while we feel very safe in Mazatlan, the two security gates between Tenerife and the street give us even more peace of mind; the setting is beautiful with views of the pool, the golf course and palm trees galore; the people who live here are very friendly, as is the staff. But the number one reason we chose Tenerife: Location! While removed enough to be quiet and peaceful, Tenerife provides easy access to a busy street and the ocean. Living in Tenerife, one does not need to drive since everything you might need or want is in walking distance; there are also bus stops and a taxi stand right outside the gate.

Now that we have moved into our own home, we love it even more and are looking forward to many wonderful winters here.

Buying property in Mexico is a bit different from back home but Walfre Real Estate ably guided us through everything and even handled the closing for us as we were in Canada at the time. All and all, she made buying this property an easy and stress-free process.

Jean and Lynn.

Ken Seyler.

Ken Seyler.

Grupo Walfre ha administrado nuestra propiedad y empleados, desde que invertimos por medio de ellos hace 14 años. Ha sido una muy buena experiencia, y simplemente sentimos que no pudieramos operar en Mazatlán como lo hacemos, sin ellos.

Walfre Real Estate has managed our property and maintenance staff since we invested in Mazatlan through them 14 years ago. It has been a great experience, and we feel we simply would not be able function as we do in Mazatlán without them.

Ken Seyler and Judy Heyes.

Larry J. and Eloise Kontz

Larry J. and Eloise Kontz.

February 17, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

My wife and I made a decision to sell our home in El Cid in the Fall of 2010, and our goal was to have a sale completed by the following Spring, if possible. We chose Carol Sinclair Ibarra, to list our home, mainly due to her experience with the El Cid market, and the recommendations of others. Initially, she guided us to price the home at a fair and competitive value, and was very thorough in her marketing and advertising of the property! This was during a time in Mazatlan, when not many properties were selling, and other people we knew, complained that their homes were not being shown at all! During that time, we had several offers to purchase, and with Carols counsel and advice, we finally did receive a very acceptable offer in cash, and now are in the process of closing that sale! Our goal to sell and close, will have been met... thanks to the diligent efforts of Carol and her staff!

Having been a Real Estate Broker in The United States for many years, I can say, with a lot of experience, that our transaction was handled in a very professional and ethical manner, and made very easy for us, as Sellers in a foreign country! Her guidance through the sometimes confusing legal processes, made it easy for us! We would highly recommend Carol to anyone that wants an honest and knowledgeable person to sell their property, or to represent them as a buyer of property here in Mexico!

Sincerely, Larry J. and Eloise Kontz.